At The Zoo

I’ve been really busy this month with some long overdue household projects. You know how it goes… you decide to do a few updates and repairs in the kitchen, which includes getting a new sink, but then you decide the well needs to be fixed first so your nasty, iron laden water doesn’t destroy the new sink like it has destroyed every other fixture in the house, then you get the filters only to realize they won’t fit in the current well house so you need to get a new well house… it just seems like one simple project turns into 50 zillion little projects sometimes.

So I didn’t get as much done on the kit this month as I would have liked. I decided to do a general zoo theme instead of an animal. I love doing word art so there is lots of word art but I didn’t get around to doing all the elements I wanted to do since making elements is usually my least favorite part of making a kit.

At The Zoo Preview

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Good Vibes – 1990s Edition

The colors chosen for this month’s blog train reminded me of my teenage years in the early to mid 1990’s so that’s is where I went for my portion of the blog train.

Good Vibes 1990's Preview

Download Good Vibes – 1990’s Edition Mini Kit

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

It has been well over a year since I posted to this blog and almost a year since I posted on I try not to share too much personal information on this blog because… well, it just doesn’t seem relevant. But I do feel like I need to give a little explanation for my hiatus.

I suffer from mental health issues that sometimes consume me. Last fall, about the time I stopped blogging and creating digital creations, my PTSD and chronic depression and anxiety took a turn for the worse. I shut down almost completely. Getting out of bed in the morning was an achievement, making sure everyone was fed was my only goal for the day and even than seemed like an impossible dream at times. Things that seemed like minor setbacks to most people seem like life altering tragedies to me. I have lived with these mental health issues for most of my life in one form or another but in the past few years, due to circumstances beyond my control, they have become increasingly more unmanageable on my own and occur with more frequency.

It has taken months to get the right combination of medication and the funds to see a therapist regularly but I’m slowly making progress, mostly one step forward and two steps back it seems, but progress all the same. I finally feel up to getting back into digital design and scrapbooking. Little baby steps at a time.

I have been working here and there on digital designs even when I wasn’t able to complete them in time for the blog trains. So as I finish them up, I will post them either as a freebie here or in my Etsy store. Starting in August, I plan to start participating in monthly blog trains again!

I hope you will join me as I try to get back on track with this blog and getting back to my digital designs! I can’t wait to release my contribution to the blog train on August 1st!

Stop and Smell the Roses Mini Kit

This Pixel Scrapper’s Designer’s Challenge was particularly difficult for me. The theme was “Stop and Smell the Roses” but, you see, I don’t particularly like flowers! My husband never gets any flack from me about not getting me flowers because frankly I’d rather spend a cozy evening with him than stare at a vase of flowers that will more than likely die quickly in my care, lol! Even in scrapbooking kits, I think flowers are so over done. It seems like no kit is complete without some kind of ubiquitous flower. So yeah, flowers are just not my thing but that made this challenge all the more challenging.

Smell the Roses Preview

Download Stop and Smell the Roses Mini Kit