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Acceptable Use

By downloading and using any and all of the images/graphics from Lil MonkeyShine Designs and LMSDigitalDesigns, you are agreeing to the following terms of use. Information, including product pricing and availability, may be changed or updated without notice. The terms of use apply to all purchased goods as well as all freebies. All images, graphics, and files herein are the products of Lil MonkeyShine Designs and LMSDigitalDesigns. They are protected by United States and International copyright laws.

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– Use Lil MonkeyShine Designs products (including freebies) for your own personal scrapbooking, and limited commercial use projects (Scrap-4-Hire, cards, kits for sale, elements and papers in quantities of less than one thousand (1,000) items sold). However, your customers must be given a flattened file format.

– Post your finished layouts within online groups. Linking back to lilmonkeyshinedesigns.wordpress.com is not required but would be greatly appreciated.

– Edit colors, size, etc. to suit your design projects.

– Submit projects for publication using these graphics. Please give credit to Lil MonkeyShine Designs. The total items used in derivative kits should not exceed 30% of Lil MonkeyShine Designs products per kit.

– Distribute derivative works for free or for profit under a non-commercial use license.

– Use items to create or decorate physical goods for free distribution or for profit with proper attribution to Lil MonkeyShine Designs.

– Use items for derivative works to create or decorate physical goods or for profit without attribution as long as the your derivative work is significantly different than the original obtained from Lil MonkeyShine Designs.


– Claim any Lil MonkeyShine Designs products as your own.

– Turn any Lil MonkeyShine Designs items into templates to sell or give away.

– Use Lil MonkeyShine Designs items for commercial use projects

– Sell, give away, redistribute or otherwise make available to any other party any of these original projects either in whole or in part (including freebies). This includes but is not limited to sharing via CD/DVD, graphic collections email groups or website links. Please direct interested parties to the Lil MonkeyShine Designs website (https://lilmonkeyshinedesigns.wordpress.com) to get their own copy.

– Resell the files without modification. Simply recoloring an item and other such small changes are not enough to resell or redistribute.

– Use any part of my items in such a way that individual elements could be extracted and used by another. This includes but is not limited to placing them in tubes, brushes, PSD files, PNG files, or on layers of any other derivative product you may create.

Mass Production or Distribution License: For projects where products sold or distributed will exceed one thousand (1,000) items, a mass production license is required for each Lil MonkeyShine Designs product used in the project. For more information on Mass Production licenses, please contact us at lilmonkeyshinedesigns@gmail.com.

Though every effort is made to maintain continuity of quality, please note that colors may vary slightly depending on the monitor that you’re using or printing methods used.

Please take the time to understand and respect my terms of use. Lil MonkeyShine Designs reserves the right to modify, update, and/or change them without any prior notice.

Adapted from JanetScottDesign.com TOU and PixelScrapper.com TOU

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